Missouri State Parks

Missouri State Parks offer some great history, site seeing, camping, and RVing, almost anything you could ask for!

  • According to Wikipedia, Missouri has over 92 parks and historic sites.

State Parks can be a wonderful alternative for either camping or traveling with your travel trailer. They offer some great benefits and can be a savings towards either the vacation or get away you've been planning.

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On this page we'll share with you some of the Missouri State Parks that we have stayed at over time in the "Show Me State". 

Taken From Experience

When we travel, we typically make reservations at a local private campground or through one of our RV memberships.  On occasion we have taken a vacation to one of these parks.  Reason being, we know the parks and where they are located .

On a trip to Florida, in 2016, we were unable to make any reservation, due to circumstances to or from, but we made reservation down there for the return trip. 

On the way down, we were trying to find a place to stop, and everything was still too far to go, or in a round about way to get there.  We tried a state park, but had no idea where it was. It was dark and very late by that point, so we gave up trying to find it and chose another option.  I believe we ended up overnighting at a Pilot that night.

So learning from that experience, we will never do that again!  Sometimes situations make it difficult to make your reservations, and this was one of them. 

This is why we say state parks are better if you know that particular park, know the directions, and the roads.

Scott's Mom and Dad Full Timed for 10 years. They have been there, done that, and agree to this 100%!

You can drive for miles before you come to that brown sign, only find out you have much longer to drive than you thought.  The hardest part is turning around in an area you are not familiar with, and sometimes in the dark.

Rules & Regulations

Every state park, and park in general, have rules and regulations you must follow.  Some states have more than others, but they follow the same general line of rules and regulations. Check with your local parks for the current rules and regulations.

Stella on a leash, at Onondaga

Please keep these these in mind when camping at your local park. Here is a listing of basic rules to follow. 

  1. All pets must be kept on a leash
  2. Removal of plants, animals, rocks, timber and artifacts is prohibited
  3. Hiking is allowed on trails
  4. Do not park on the grass, all tires must be on the designated parking spot (This is a must, or the Park Ranger will give a warning at most parks.)
  5. Respect the quite hours
  6. Respect your neighbors
  7. Use camping etiquette
  8. Remove all trash when exiting your camp site (Leave your site looking better than when you arrived)
  9. No firearms or fireworks are allowed

"Courtesy of Missouri State Parks Rules and Regulations"

For the Love of Camping

Scott and I LOVE to camp!  It's one of our favorite activities as a couple.  In fact, we don't get to do it enough, life takes over!  So when we do, we take it ALL in! 

Whether we're traveling with our camper or we're on vacation, in our book, it's all the same!

Missouri State Parks

Below is a listing of Missouri State Parks that we have camped with in the Missouri border.

  • If you are interested in making a reservation within Missouri, the Missouri Reservation System makes it easy to make a reservation online.  
  • For your convenience or reference, here is a map of Missouri State Parks that tells you which Region the park is in.
  1. Babler: St. Louis Region
  2. Cuivre River: Hannibal Region      
  3. Mark Twain: Hannibal Region  
  4. Meramec: St. Louis Region
  5. Onondaga: Cape Girardeau Region
  6. Table Rock: Springfield Region
  7. Trail of Tears: Cape Girardeau Region
  8. Wakonda: Hannibal Region 

Caves, Lakes, Rivers, & Trains

All of these parks have a uniqueness to them.  Some have caves attached, others have lakes, rivers, or even Trains.  Yes, TRAINS!

Tidbit: Did you Know that Missouri is very much known for it's Caves.  In fact it's called the Cave State.

Mark Twain Lake

We recently took a trip to Trail of Tears, and it was an experience to never forget!  We had no idea that there were train tracks directly behind the park.  They were so close you could see them from your campsite and camper.  It is a very active track and they come through at least ten times a day. 

Since there is a crossing, they do have to blow the horn. So cover your ears, because they are EXTREMELY LOUD! 

Trail of Tears

Written by: Melissa

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